Monday, November 28, 2011

Photos from last full week: Food and Enniskerry

My last tapas in Ireland with my buddy, Ashton

Last lunch at Green19. DELICIOUS

Last brunch at Green19... MORE DELICIOUS. And yes that is brie in the tomato

Okay this may be bad but isn't this house SUPER cute?! And of course I don't know the people who own it.

Enniskerry Town... super cute!

The start of my walk to the Powerscourt House

Pretty walk ain't it?

Super cool trees

I miss the creeping vines soooo much

Why yes, I'd love a view like this thank you.

AGH so pretty
A pathway in the gardens. Love the shades of green

Doesn't it look like a fairy tale?!

I love spiral staircases... so much my hand shook EVERY time I took a photo

Cinnabon bushes. I am inherently American. What can I say?

Another beautiful pathway

View from the top of the tower looking at the house. I imagine being an unruly child and being "grounded" here.

My attempt at photography

The splash of orange totally begged for a photo

Of course every rich person's gardens needs a "Japanese" style area right?

Autumn is the best... 

I loved the creeping vines across the big leaves

Bamboo!! Now where are the pandas?

Reminded me of hobbits. 

I love you too Ireland!

I'll take one of these views please...

C for Christine!

Loved how the little purple one was basically saying, "I WILL NOT be left out!"

Looked like an egg to me

Their gates were insanely pretty

See? It's like the Secret Garden but not so secret

To have and to hold....? Doesn't matter. Still was pretty

A little model of what was behind closed doors. I immediately wanted to open the doors and run around

This is the nerd in me but that tree looked like a brain!

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