Thursday, October 27, 2011

monster last post (all words photos to follow)

So let's start with the good news, I officially have a masters in global health! Huzzah! Getting there was quite a challenge but hey, I've got one. During the last couple weeks of September I basically lived in the post-grad reading room and of course it was GREAT weather. Le sigh. C'est la vie. I have to say I've never really spent that much time writing in my life (and I really hope I don't have to again) and I truly felt like an academic! I got that pain in the neck where stenosis happens and the tingles go down the arm. Of course I scolded myself for not taking breaks just like my ex-coworkers would have but it's hard when you get in the groove you know? I used my freakishly strong hands on myself though (uh that sounds weird but just keep reading) and undid some knots at the base of my skull and it did help. Three years working at a private physical therapy clinic truly paid off! Thank you PT Works...!

The last week that I had in Ireland I basically chilled out and just enjoyed what little time I had left. I hung out with folks that I was going to miss (and I can confirm that I do miss them) and spent some time outside Dublin by myself one last time. I went to Enniskerry to the Powerscourt Gardens and it proved to be a good idea (even it was one of the most humid days in Ireland I feel). It was absolutely gorgeous! I'm definitely going to miss just taking a city bus to things like that; things with a ton of character, incredibly vivid colors and deep history. The Powerscourt Gardens has a beautiful mansion/manor (I never know what to call them things) that of course had the beautiful ivy growing on it that was turning the brilliant autumn colors. Even the bus ride there and back was filled with sights that I knew to keep in my head for as along as possible. Enniskerry town was nice to be in because it reminded me of my time that I spent with my very generous friend/classmate at Christmas time as we had Christmas Eve drinks there. Absolutely great times to remember...

Thursday night was my big last hurrah/goodbye party with friends (but definitely I wish there had been some that were missing that had already gone back to the States). We went to the pubs that I frequented (no I did not become an alcoholic, everyone has their favorite stuff right?) starting with The Quays Pub. The Quays Pub is in the heart of Temple Bar (the area) which means it's riddled with tourists but ALSO Irish folk who are interested in gaining international friends. They have live music every night by different acoustic artists who play everything from The Beatles to Bruno Mars... basically crowd pleasers and songs that people love to sing along to. On any given weekend in The Quays, I'd say at least one hen party goes through there, if not two. We then went to Hogan's which is where my (now ex) flatmate and I met (chorus of awwww's here please). It was a sentimental but fun time as our party dwindled down to myself and 2 friends. From then on the night just became mostly the three of us wandering the streets of Dublin and me mostly in my head mentally marking things and recounting memories in my head (and aloud to the chagrin of my mates). Friday the 30th was recovery and "make sure I don't have to pay the 60euro fee) day until the quiet last night. It was a perfect night of last goodbyes.

Now I'm back in California, melting from the heat and wondering why I left Ireland. I'm quickly reminded that it's because no one wanted to give me a job and I'm having the same issues here! Again, c'est la vie. Ah well, when I feel like "writing" again, meaning when I feel like staring at this screen for longer than 30 minutes again, I'll post up a photo version of this long, wordy post. TTFN (for my non-Winnie the Pooh lovers, ta ta for now!)