Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Andi's fantasmic whirlwind

How thankful am I for friends? Words can never come close to describing the magnitude of thankfulness in me (especially since I am so NOT good with words anyway.)

So Andi arrived a day later than we thought but no matter because class was canceled on Friday! HUZZAH! So we got started a bit earlier on our road trip up to Northern Ireland. I drove... yes on the wrong side (mahahahaha). Every time I went through a roundabout I cheered (on the inside after the first like 8 but still aloud for the first 8). Yes I'm that lame. We drove up to Belfast and put the car in the car park and just walked around in the rain. Andi got her Starbucks mugs and we just soaked in the UK/Northern Irish spirit! It was hilarious watching/hearing Andi get accustomed to the Northern accent. In fairness, she didn't really get to hear the Republic of Ireland accent all that much but it was still cute nonetheless.

But then the scariest night of driving in my LIFE occurred. So Andi and I wanted to make it up to the Causeway Hotel at the Giant's Causeway so we could wake up and just hike and then work our way back towards Dublin via the North Coast and cut back through the north part of the Republic of Ireland. The weather had a completely different idea. We were driving and it was fine. We stopped to take loads of photos which was fantastic but then as we got further north and it got darker, it started getting foggier. Now I have driven through fog before, the city, San Mateo, Tulle but this fog was incredible. In the strictest sense of the word. It was absolutely the thickest fog I have EVER seen in my life and ever care to see in my life to tell the truth. You know those little divider light thingies? Yeah you could only see ONE. Oh wait... but people WERE PASSING ME. Crazy, crazy northerners (haha). So of course we decided to stop at some random little town. BUT because it's sooooo off season, nothing was open. But thank God we found some random B&B which was actually pretty cute. (The BF was telling me that I should go have a cuppa with the "old pair"... there's no way I was about to make conversation with anyone).

In the morning we left early for the Giant's Causeway. I'll let the photos do the talking.

Sunday we slept in (kind of) and then made our way to Glendalough. Again so pretty! And only like an hour or so south of me. If I lived here it could be my Rancho San Antonio Park!

Andi being little and taking her millions of photos :)

The oldest graveyard I have ever been in

Beautiful Celtic cross

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! (Or Red Day to my Korean folks)

Happy Valentine's Day! Even though I have a boyfriend (who I am very thankful for) I still do not enjoy this holiday. Expectations are so unnecessarily high for everything and it's just so dumb. BUT one of my best friends is here and we were each other's valentines (the boyfriend is okay with it... haha). I will take this time to say thank you to all of my friends and family (and that's actually kind of redundant because my friends are an extension of my family) for being a part of my life and I love you all. I may be thousands of miles away from you all (except Andi) but I always feel like you all are so encouraging with all your emails and snail mail. So from the land of the green I wish you the best and most loving Valentine's Day!

And to the boyfriend (who I don't think reads this): thank you for putting up with the crazy American-ness and being so sweet. I definitely got lucky finding you... Thanks for putting a smile on my face when I try so hard not to. Can't wait for Galway!